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Publicus is an innovative public affairs consulting firm driven by excellence and fueled by ingenuity, creativity, and vision. Our ability to consistently deliver precise communication and thorough project management, make realizing your vision a reality.


Publicus is your natural ally in discerning, securing, and implementing emerging technologies and supplementing them with vanguard methodologies to positively impact your region. Our team is experienced in both public and private spheres and we understand how to successfully navigate the challenging waters that often face the body politic.


Public affairs is a rational art form. Understanding the intricacies of policy as well as the people and processes involved in bringing these policies to fruition requires a certain type of expertise. We truly enjoy working with civic leaders to materialize positive change and to continuously advance the momentum towards practical and innovative solutions.


Perhaps the most vague noun in the industry: we understand that strategy is rooted in a real knowledge of the individuals and entities involved and  informed by experience with numerous alternatives to generate creative and effective approaches to the matter at hand.

Building your strategy is a major undertaking

Choosing the firm that’s right for you is an important decision. Clients trust Publicus to realize visions and best communicate their missions. We value our clients and take our prospective projects very seriously.
Through our unique approach to the communication design process, Publicus takes our clients’ visions and constructs a tailored message.  With extensive experience across the public, private and nonprofit sectors, we have everything you need to realize your communication and engagement needs.

We provide weekly project updates to our clients and are available on a daily basis. We make sure that our clients know exactly what is happening with their operation. Communication is key when helping deliver our projects in a timely manner.

Value + Quality

There is much to be said about meticulously and passionately going about your work. We ensure a keen attention to detail and a strong finish that is second to none. We value our clients and make sure to position them in the best possible outcome-realization of the project

Budget + Timeline

We complete all of our projects on time and on budget. It is a point pride for us  to deliver expected results for our clients. We work with you to set the strategy, design the project, manage expectations, lay out a concise schedule and execute flawlessly.


We are a team consisting of professionals across all sectors with a combined 30 years of experience in project and campaign management within our respective fields. We have an intimate understanding of the importance of each project and the detail and attention that each entails.